The Ender Dragon has been slayed,once again. And with this brings new loot to the table. Get your wings. Recently was given a desktop PC (Windows 7 Pro), which has a tremendous amount of software installed that I have no desire to retain. I thought about just formatting the whole thing and starting clean, but there is actually a lot of software that I want to keep -- Office, Adobe, etc. -- so I'm just going to try to uninstall what I don't want and leave the rest. Problem, of course, is that doing so individually is taking forever just going through the control panel. Is there a better/quicker. I recently installed stardock fences and removed it as I decided im not paying 10$ for something I may never really need. Since uninstalling I cannot move my desktop icons and shortcuts - they all work but they are all stuck on the left side of the screen ---------------------------------------- Windows 8.1 - Thinkpad Twist.